Norrøna magasin

Vi reiser til steder som inspirerer oss, utfører aktivitetene vi elsker, møter lidenskapelige mennesker og følger den spennende hverdagen til ambassadørene våre.

The Garbage Man

Moving through the world with a positive handprint.

How to Pack Smart for a Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is child's play compared to packing for a flight, but it does bring its own challenges. Nikolai has just been on a road trip for 100 days. What did he learn?

The mindset of a skier, summer edition.

Have you ever looked upon a green, summery mountain, and wondered how amazing it would look covered in snow? Have you ever been to the gym, lifting weights and catch all of yourself thinking about how the exercise is so similar to a ski turn?

Den ultimate pakkelisten for fotturer

The trail to Pawar Himal

"One night while treating the wounds of a young boy, I saw what serious consequences it might have, to live ten days walk from a hospital."

Our wool baselayer

Whether you are trekking, skiing, biking or doing outdoor recreation, a good baselayer is essential. Our merino wool baselayer is developed to suit your activity perfectly, regardless of weather conditions, season or intensity level.

The Endless Winter Experiment

A Gore Story

Since cooperating on the prototype of Europe’s first Gore-Tex jacket back in the '70s, Norrøna plus Gore-Tex has truly been a love story. 

Join our director of Innovation and sustainability, Brad Borens, on a quick dive into our partnership.

Quality is a cornerstone

Since 1929 Norrøna has been making products of the highest quality. This sentence has tremendous importance on our environmental impact, but it often gets lost in the multimedia marketing messages found everywhere. So what makes this message different?  

Nøkkelen til vinterløping

Glem det faktum at terrengløp er utfordrende om vinteren. Lag på lag- prinsippet er essensielt, ved siden av å være sterk mellom øra. Her får du de beste tipsene til å løpe ute om vinteren.

Norrøna - Valg av dunjakke

Det et bredt utvalg av dunjakker på markedet som er designet for ulike forhold og aktiviteter, så det kan være vanskelig å velge den som passer best til dine behov. Her er en liten veiledning gjennom dunjungelen.

Glove and mitten guide

To keep your hands dry and comfortable during your adventures is crucial for the experience. We are offering high-quality gloves and mittens specially developed for different activities, here we'll give you a little guidance.

Not all merino wool is created equal

What many people are not aware of is that wool fiber itself does not make a product more sustainable. What makes Norrøna’s wool base layer so special is the amount of work that is required upfront every year during the shearing season. 


We don´t normally see ambassador and skier Asbjørn Eggbø wearing jeans and a coat. But when he's traveling or having important meetings in the city, he prefers dressing up in our oslo collection.

Høsten er best utendørs

Høstfargene er ekstra magiske der de skinner i sine grønne, gule og røde farger. Enten du skal til fjells i høstferien eller være hjemme - oppsøk naturen!

Slik pakker du for fjellklatring

Enten du allerede er en erfaren klatrer eller skal starte på din første stigning, vil disse tipsene fra fjellklatrer og ambassadør Robert Caspersen forhåpentligvis være nyttige for eventyr som kommer.

Et nærblikk på Merrick Mordal

Jeg er inspirert av naturen og dras mot det bratte, det dype, og følelsen av fart

Tamok Valley – a Dark Bright Spot

Have you ever heard the expression: “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world”?

Et nærblikk på Asbjørn Eggebø

Jeg dras mot fjellet på grunn av den visuelle tiltrekningen. Jeg ser skibaner og vil kjøre ned dem. Det er så enkelt, ass.

Et nærblikk på Nikolai Schrimer

Ingenting er som følelsen av å ha kontroll når man glir ned et stort fjell i pudder, eller å få til et høyt hopp.

How to pack for hunting

The shifting conditions of the hunting season require durable, breathable and weather protective clothing as well as the right equipment. Norrønas hunter Martin Blom gives you his best tips on how to pack.

Trollveggen 1980

The first winter ascent of the enormous Swedish Route up Trollveggen (the Troll Wall) was performed by three young Norwegians in February 1980. Three decades later, their feat has yet to be repeated.

Dreaming of Gessnertind

Ambassador Robert Caspersen got an opportunity to visit the Antarctic continent again in November/December 2017. The main target was the over one thousand meters high east face of Gessnertind.

Lyngen – The white hotel

While long known as a touring destination, getting on top of a good big mountain line in Lyngen, Norway is hard.

Climbing Falketind in the winter

Every now and then, the wind decides to act like a freight train, picking up everything in its path and transporting it somewhere else.

Shoot straight

It is finally here. The date above all others. The expectations are high – not only to the day itself but also to the four months ahead filled with fun and excitement. 

A day out birdwatching

"I think we have a lot to learn from watching the play of nature. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching nature’s own dance".

How to pack for lightweight trekking

Want to keep it light, small and easy? Here's our guide on how to pack for lightweight trekking. 

Canvas Hotel - Home of Riders

Imagine the perfect bike trail, far from the closest house, road or power line.

Great Trango Tower

"It’s still hard to talk about Trango. I have a surprisingly thin shell. My feelings lie just under the surface".

The story behind fjørå

Many years have passed since we created Norrønas first mountain bike specific products and released the fjørå concept. From then on it’s been a fun ride!

Climbing Falketind in the summer

Here I lie, peeking over the edge of the Falketind plateaux, but the 1000-metre free fall drop below me is making me dizzy, so I quickly retreat.

The little adventurers

Adventurers. Defined as a type of person looking for adventures. A person that has trouble settling down with the known and the familiar, that keeps seeking new places and new experiences. Once we were all adventurers.

Welcome to unstad

For almost ninety years we've been welcoming people to nature by developing products for the extreme users who long to discover untouched terrain. However, there has always been this one place where we haven’t set foot - until now.

Møt en av Norrønas største legender

"Etter uker med dårlig vær på en tur til Kebnekaise, og et dårlig telt som ikke var vanntett, tenkte jeg ´jeg kan gjøre det bedre selv´”.