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Heng bort tungt teknisk utstyr og bli med på hverdagseventyrene våre.

How to Pack Smart for a Road Trip

Packing for a road trip is child's play compared to packing for a flight, but it does bring its own challenges. Nikolai has just been on a road trip for 100 days. What did he learn?

The mindset of a skier, summer edition.

Have you ever looked upon a green, summery, mountain, thinking about what it would look like covered in snow? Have you ever been to the gym, lifting weights but all of a sudden caught yourself thinking about how this exercise is actually a lot similar to a ski turn?


We don´t normally see ambassador and skier Asbjørn Eggbø wearing jeans and a coat. But when he's traveling or having important meetings in the city, he prefers dressing up in our oslo collection.

Nøkkelen til vinterløping

Glem det faktum at terrengløp er utfordrende om vinteren. Lag på lag- prinsippet er essensielt, ved siden av å være sterk mellom øra. Her får du de beste tipsene til å løpe ute om vinteren.

The little adventurers

Adventurers. Defined as a type of person looking for adventures. A person that has trouble settling down with the known and the familiar, that keeps seeking new places and new experiences. Once we were all adventurers.

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Åpningstider for kundeservice
Man-Fre: 06:00 - 23:00
Lør-Søn: 13:00 - 21:00

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