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Travelling to places that inspire us, doing the activities we love, meeting passionate people and following the exciting everyday life of our ambassadors.

  • An organic outlook

    An organic outlook

    What consequences are associated with the production of conventional cotton? Would a switch from conventional cotton production to organic production be sustainable?

  • A Day Out - Jon Bokrantz

    A Day Out - Jon Bokrantz

    If you go anywhere, even the most exciting places on earth, you will miss your home. After all, home is where it all started.

  • The Family Gathering

    The Family Gathering

    Bringing together the team of Norrøna ambassadors is like gathering the family for a holiday.

  • Climbing - Meteora

    Climbing - Meteora

    Meteora a place full of history, both climbing and cultural wise. With stunning landscape and food to boot.

  • Ski touring - Summit to Shore

    Ski touring - Summit to Shore

    Not far from the well known Lofoten and Lyngen, but still just as wild and free is Senja, Norway's second largest island; the Adventure Island. We got our own ski adventure there. This is our story in pictures.

  • 37 National Parks in 80 days

    37 National Parks in 80 days

    Two boys. 37 national parks. 80 days. Unfamiliar terrain, with tempting peaks to ascend.

  • Trollveggen, february 1980

    Trollveggen, february 1980

    The first winter ascent of the enormous Swedish Route up Trollveggen (the Troll Wall) was performed by three young Norwegians in February 1980. Three decades later, their feat has yet to be repeated.

  • Indian summer in Nelson

    Indian summer in Nelson

    Steepness. High caliber trails. Handmade hits of wood and dirt. Laidback atmosphere. It all equals one of the most legendary biking areas in the world. We’re talking about Nelson, BC.

  • Lofoten - Colors Completely Coordinated

    Lofoten - Colors Completely Coordinated

    "Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes". Seth Hobby is American, but after six years of working as a guide in the Lofoten mountains he’s starting to get almost as good grip on the terrain, weather and the snow as a fourth generation fisherman from Lofoten has on the fish banks, the current of the sea and the waves.

  • The return to the Southern Patagonian Icecap

    The return to the Southern Patagonian Icecap

    The southern Patagonian icecap is the largest icecap in South America, and lies in the Andes between Chile and Argentina.

  • Portrait: Tomas Carlström

    Portrait: Tomas Carlström

    Meet one of Norrøna’s biggest legends. ....Meet Tomas Carlström.

  • North


    A story about fake money, student trips to Poland, a slipped disc and a little ski trip to the North Pole in 1990. The main characters: Erling Kagge, Børge Ousland and a guy named Geir.

  • Everest '85

    Everest '85

    Welcome to 1985. A live report from the first Norwegian Mount Everest-expedition.

  • Winter Anniversary

    Winter Anniversary

    ‘Anniversary Route’ up Store Midtmaradalstind peak in Western-Norway was all that four young men dreamed about 35 years ago : A thousand meters of stone, snow, ice and frozen moss.

  • Trans Alaska

    Trans Alaska

    3,000 kilometers, 282 days, 46 bears, one Lars Monsen, and a girl of 20 who lied about her age so she could come along. This is her story.

  • Inger Bjerke

    Inger Bjerke

    Meet the Norrøna ambassador who experienced the founding of the company on April 29, 1929.

  • Throwback with Christine Hargin

    Throwback with Christine Hargin

    She would pick sushi over pizza any day, even so there’s nothing high maintenance about Christine Hargin.

  • Bruno Compagnet; Professional Ski Bum

    Bruno Compagnet; Professional Ski Bum

    Born in the Pyrenees, his face weathered but one look in his eyes and you’ll realize the wrinkles are from a lifetime smiling.

  • Andermatt


    You’ve surely dreamt of such a place – Andermatt is a Eurodisney for freeriders, natures gift to the down-hill people.

  • A day out - Tobi Tritscher

    A day out - Tobi Tritscher

    Training. Working. Waiting. That’s how Tobi Tritscher describes his days at the moment. We’re not feeling too sorry for him though, as we suspect he has some good times ahead as soon as the white gold starts to fall from the sky.

  • Trango


    ”It’s still hard to talk about Trango. I have a surprisingly thin shell. My feelings lie just under the surface.” Stein P. Aasheim, Trango climber in 1984.

  • A day out - Birdwatching

    A day out - Birdwatching

    A day out with hunting ambassadors Jan Erik and Martin Blom.

  • Big adventures - Small adventurers

    Big adventures - Small adventurers

    This fall Norrøna is launching a brand new junior collection. It’s time to let small adventurers go on big adventures.

  • Transalp


    A civilized hiking experience.

  • Robert’s top picks from Norrøna

    Robert’s top picks from Norrøna

    In Patagonia you need to be prepared for all types of weather. You must expect strong winds. The temperatures vary a lot both from day to day and with your position and altitude.

  • High North

    High North

    Kvaløya is Tromsø’s Disneyland.

  • North Nirvana

    North Nirvana

    Experience the Lyngen Alps. That's some kind of an order.

  • A day out - Christine Hargin

    A day out - Christine Hargin

    After experiencing a couple of days where the clouds have been hanging low covering the city, and you only meet people inside at the pubs - way down in their pines, planning their next steep adventure - Chamonix wakes alive when the sun all of a sudden finds its way down to the valley.

  • Patagonia revisited

    Patagonia revisited

    In November I visited Patagonia with my two friends Ole Ivar Lied and Trym Atle Sæland. As usual our ambitions were high, with plans for new routes on the highest peaks. But from earlier trips to Patagonia we knew that it is the notorious weather that dictates what kind of objectives you can attempt – if you get to do anything at all during your stay…

  • A day out - Japan

    A day out - Japan

    We teamed up with Andreas Wiig to visit our Japanese friends on the other side of the world. Our main goal for the trip was to ride as much powder as possible, a plan that turned out to be pretty easily conducted.

  • Profile: Andreas Ygre Wiig

    Profile: Andreas Ygre Wiig

    For snowboarder Andreas Ygre Wiig, 32, life boils down to powder, feeling good and the next season.

  • Georgia - The other place

    Georgia - The other place

    Are you dreaming about skiing untouched backcountry? Go to Georgia. Not the US state. The country.

  • Upcycled


    Forty plastic bottles travelled around the world to become a 100-percent recycled Norrøna fleece jacket.

  • Portrait: The Climber

    Portrait: The Climber

    Magnus Midtbø is one of the world's best climbers. And he is one of Norrøna's newest ambassadors.

  • Portrait: Christine Hargin

    Portrait: Christine Hargin

    Christine Hargin is the Freeride World Tour’s best female freerider, and a new Norrøna ambassador.

  • Behind the seams: Norrøna down™750

    Behind the seams: Norrøna down™750

    Why down? What’s the difference between down and PrimaLoft? Who has got the best down? What distinguishes Norrøna’s different down jackets? And what about the birds? Follow us on this deep dive behind the seams of our down™750 products.

  • A day out - Bohuslän

    A day out - Bohuslän

    Three climbers, all with different backgrounds and different stories, gathered in the place that many would say has the best crags in Scandinavia; Bohuslän.

  • Unrepeated


    In a huge cave near Santa Linya in Spain, which once used to be the home of Neanderthals, you now find one of the best climbing crags in the world.

  • Recon - behind the seams

    Recon - behind the seams

    Spawning from a limited military edition of our dovre hunting shell, which was first made for the Norwegian marine special forces in the early 90’s and later requested by both Swedish and Danish special forces, recon was released in 1998.

  • The Svalbard Scenes

    The Svalbard Scenes

    Norrøna has a famous collection. It is made for outdoor activities. It’s called svalbard. This is why.

  • Swiss Quality

    Swiss Quality

    The train winds its way like a thread through the mountains. We're going skiing.

  • The Reindeer Hunters

    The Reindeer Hunters

    “We’d been walking for several hours”, says Martin Blom, Norrøna’s seasoned hunting ambassador, recalling one of his best hunting trips this autumn.

  • Straight Up

    Straight Up

    Norrøna’s climbing ambassador Hilde Bjørgaas always returns to the steep mountain walls of the Lofoten islands.

  • Narvik Backcity Riding

    Narvik Backcity Riding

    Choose the city, choose the mountain, choose April. Choose Narvik, Norway.

  • Bitihorn - The Gateway

    Bitihorn - The Gateway

    Some 192 years ago, geology student Baltazar Mathias Keilhau and medical student Christian Peder Bianco Boeck discovered what may be Norway’s most beautiful mountain range : Jotunheimen.

  • Canvas Hotel

    Canvas Hotel

    Imagine the perfect bike trail, far from the closest house, road or power line.

  • Higher Ground

    Higher Ground

    “We will remember this day for at least three years,” says a villager from Gondla deep in the Indian Himalaya full of gratitude.

  • Røldal - o - rama

    Røldal - o - rama

    The tale of a tiny Norwegian hamlet that became a freeride capital.

  • Steep Antarctica

    Steep Antarctica

    “If I were to sum up this trip to Ulvetanna in just a few words, I would say it was marked by a lot of challenging weather, too little time, not enough courage, good friendship and enchanting surroundings – plus a few projects that have yet to be completed”

  • Adventure Island

    Adventure Island

    Welcome to Baffin Island. The last wilderness on Earth.

  • Lofoten - a love story

    Lofoten - a love story

    Lofoten, will you marry me?

  • The Little Adventures

    The Little Adventures

    Adventurers. Defined as a type of person looking for adventures. A person that has trouble settling down with the known and the familiar, that keeps seeking new places and new experiences. Once we were all adventurers.