Unisex accessories Water Repellent Natural 400 mL

Water repellent spray for natural fabrics - 400 ml

<p>Water repellant natural 400 ml - MADE FOR WOOL, COTTON AND POLYESTER BLENDS</p> <p>Instructions: <br />Clothing article should be clean and dry. <br />Shake bottle well before use. <br />Spray the article as evenly as possible. <br />Let the waterproofing soak in for 15-20 minutes. <br />Dry off extra waterproofing with a damp cloth. <br />Dry the article with help of a warm iron, warm air, sunlight or similar. <br />Washing directions for the fabric MUST be followed. <br />Empty, clean, and close the spray nozzle if you will use the bottle again.</p> <p>If the waterproofing is not sprayed on evenly, the article can become discolored. This is easily removed by washing.</p> <p>The products are free from fluorocarbons and do not contain propellants that contribute to global warming or CFC gasses that destroy the ozone layer.</p>