Workwear for the mountain

    First choice of mountaineers, these are tough, weather protective clothing that maximize mobility in steep and difficult terrain.

    trollveggen flex1 Jacket (M)
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    The trollveggen collection

    Descending from the first ever Gore-Tex jacket in Europe, our iconic trollveggen collection has position itself as a heavyweight within mountaineering. Extremly durable, highly weather protective, these products are the natural option for the demanding and extreme outdoor adventurers.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head

    Proud sponsor of NARG

    Since 2009 we have been a proud sponsor of the Norwegian Alpine Rescue Group - Norway’s toughest mountaineers who voluntarily assist on the most demanding rescue operations. For us, they are the ultimate testers.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head

    First choice of mountaineers

    Dating back to Europe’s first Gore-Tex jacket in 1977, the trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Jacket is still a heavy weight within mountaineering due to continuous user driven development.

    Trollveggen 1980

    The first winter ascent of the enormous Swedish Route up Trollveggen (the Troll Wall) was performed by three young Norwegians in February 1980. Three decades later, their feat has yet to be repeated.

    Meet Robert Caspersen

    With his heart and workplace in the mountains, big wall climber Robert Caspersen won't be throwing in the towel anytime soon.