Male senja equaliser lightweight Long sleeve M's

Our most lightweight and quick dry Long sleeve.

<p>This long sleeve is designed for trail running, but it can be used for all kinds of activities where quick drying fabrics is desired.</p> <p>We use equaliser fabrics in this product because it provides softness, lightweight, moisture wicking and quick-drying properties perfect for trail running.</p> <p>We use two kinds of fabrics, the main fabric is a 100% recycled polyester 91g/m2. It has a wicking finish, using a strong delta yarn, UPF of 45+. It is used in the shoulders, upper front and shoulders.</p> <p>The other fabric is a double knit 100% recycled polyester of 103 g/m2. It has a UPF 15+. It also has anti-odor treatment (HeiQ Fresh FFL). This is a bio-based amino sugar polymer that is silver-free and not an antimicrobial. It removes the fat and protein from sweat, thereby eliminating the ability of the bacteria to grow. This fabric is used under the arm and therefore gives the product good on anti odor, and can be used for a number of runs before it needs washing.</p> <p>Main features include: reflective prints and logos, laminated hems for soft skin though, flat locked seams to reduce chafing, hanging mechanism for easy drying, slightly more ventilated fabric in high sweat areas for better moisture management.</p> <p>This long sleeve has a regular fit and is slightly longer in the back.</p>