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‘The King of Backpacks’ developed by Special Forces. Norwegian, Swedish and Danish military-approved mega-pack. Designed to carry heavy contents, the pack is built around a unique full frame to provide stability, balance and comfort for the load-bearer. Constructed to distribute weight evenly, in tune with body movement, through anatomically-shaped back, aluminium frame, shoulder straps and hip belt. With a wide range of flexible solutions including two detachable side-pockets that zip together to form an additional 16L backpack.

  • Durability6
  • Light weight1

Areas of use

Trekking, Mountain hunting, Expedition, General outdoor use, Backpacking

Weight 4560 gr. | Model nr. 0049-03
    • synkroflex™ Open

      Norrøna´s frame pack solution for heavy loads. Developed together with the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Special Forces and Military approved. The frame is constructed to distribute weight evenly throughout the frame. 1) External aluminium frame. 2) Aluminium rail at the centre of the back of the pack. With height adjustment of the shoulder straps. 3) Hip belt rotation fixed to the bottom of the centre rail. 4) Synkroflex impact-absorbing system located at the top of the centre bar. 5) Shaped shoulder straps, with supportive foam padding. 6) Top lifter straps on shoulder straps. 7) Shoulder straps with shoulder pillow for protection. 8) Adjustable chest strap at front of shoulder strap. 9) Body height 170–190 cm. 10) Weight: 25 kg to 35 ( )kg.

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