Unisex recon 125L synkroflex Pack

Our most durable and biggest pack developed for heavy loads and long walks.

<p>This fully featured backpack is made for heavy loads. The earlier version was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian military, and this version has been used by different Special Forces. This is for sure the right pack if you plan to carry loads over 25-30 kg. The pack was launched in 2004 after 3 year of heavy testing and has been used extensively by many since that time, so it is very well tested.</p> <p>We use heavy duty nylon fabric in this product because it is the most durable and long lasting fabrics we know of. We use nylon from the brand ECONYL&reg; which offers premium quality and 100% closed-loop regeneration and recycled nylon yarn derived from pre and post-consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste (among others coming from Norway).</p> <p>The main fabric is a durable 100% recycled ECONYL&reg; 450D nylon (255 g/m2) with a 2000 mm waterproofness PU coating. The bottom is made in a heavy-duty 100% recycled 900D (329 g/m2) ECONYL&reg; nylon with a 2000 mm PU coating &ndash; the most durable quality of our ECONYL&reg; range.</p> <p>We use the synkronflex carrying system that is designed to carry very heavy loads (25 kg+) over a period of time. The carrying system has three main parts: 1. The super durable aluminum frame is curved to match the shape of the body to get the weight in the backpack as close as possible to your back. The frame also distributes the carrying load more evenly. 2. The mid alu frame, where the harness is attached has a built in cushioning system to ease heavy loads onto the body for each step you take. It also has a quick height adjustment system that makes it easy to set the right height (range of this system is from below 170 cm to above 190 cm). 3. The flexible hip belt is attached to the mid alu frame at the point matching where the hips and spin meet. It has one central connection that allows the hip belt to follow the body's hip rotation, the result is better balance and less use of energy for the user. These 3 parts create a carrying system which provides stability, balance and comfort even if the loads are very heavy.</p> <p>Key features include two spacious and detachable side pockets which can be zipped together to create an additional 16 L backpack for shorter walks away from camp, adjustable back length, adjustable chest strap, bottom compression straps, bottom compartment with zipper opening, main compartment can be divided in two compartments, detachable top lid, elastic cord on top lid, front compression straps, metal sledgering on hip belt, top handle, laminated shoulder straps with top adjustment, laminated hip belt, top lid pocket.</p> <p>The pack will fit the height range of below 170 cm to above 190 cm.</p>