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narvik dri1 insulated Mittens

Warm and waterproof mittens for skiing and snowboarding. Made with 170 gr/m2 PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation on the outside and 113gr/m2 compact PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation on the inside, the Narvik mittens keep the cold out. Stretch flex™1 outer fabric ensures excellent fit and flexibility. Palm made of durable goatskin. The dri1 insert makes the mitten waterproof.

  • Windproofness6
  • Waterproofness6
  • Insulation5
  • Breathability3
  • Durability5
  • Light weight4
Weight 216 gr. | Model nr. 5372-11
    • flex™1 Open

      A single ply stretchy fabric that provides wind and water resistance while allowing improved moisture vapour transportation rates compared to waterproof products. These specially designed fabrics have all the attributes we expect in a Soft Shell: stretch, water resistance, wind resistance and excellent moisture vapour transportation.

    • PrimaLoft™ Gold 130 g Open

      PrimaLoft™ Gold 130 g is a patented micro-structure that gives great thermal insulation to help the body maintain its temperature, minimizing energy loss. Extremely light and soft, it was originally developed by the US Army to replace natural down. As down absorbs moisture, it becomes wet and loses its thermal-insulating abilities. PrimaLoft™ absorbs three times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and 24% warmer when wet, than the competitive insulation.

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    • dri™1 Open

      A 2.5-layer technical fabric, dri™1 is constructed with face fabric laminated to a printed membrane on the backside. Without needing a liner, it is a soft, ultra-lightweight, low-volume protective material using a hydrophilic system of moisture transportation rather than microspore holes. Suitable for biking, walking, hiking and other outdoor sports where it’s important to shield the body against rain and wind. Technical Specifications: Waterproof: min. 20,000 mm Breathability: Very Good min. 20,000 Windproofness: 100% * ISO811-test ** JIS-L 1099 B2-inverted cup test

    • Goat skin Open

      We chose goatskin because it is more durable, softer and more supple than cowhide. Goatskin products are water-resistant and do not need to be broken in for them to be soft.

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