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A versatile insulation vest with great breathability for men. The outer fabric is lightweight and there is no inside liner, so you can see the colorful Polartec Alpha® insulation. The vest has a baffled design, to ensure the best durability and keep the insulation stable. It also has a hood for protection.

  • Windproofness3
  • Insulation3
  • Breathability4
  • Durability3
  • Light weight5

Areas of use

Randonee, Freeride skiing & snowboard, Big mountain skiing & snowboarding, Climbing, Trekking

Weight 263 gr. | Model nr. 3154-15
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      Polartec® Alpha® is the latest evolution of synthetic insulation offering a rare combination of lightweight warmth and true breathability in a "puffy" style garment. Because Polartec Alpha insulation is highly durable and more stable than other synthetic insulation products, more open-construction woven face and back fabrics can be selected to create an air permeable package. This small amount of airflow rapidly draws moisture away from the body and allows Polartec Alpha to be worn in a wider range of activities compared to classic "vapor barrier" style insulation.

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