Unisex lofoten Norrøna X ATK ski crampons

Lightweight, durable ski crampons for Norrøna x ATK bindings.

<p>These exclusive Norr&oslash;na x ATK crampons are one of the lightest crampons on the market thanks to innovative heat treatments.</p> <p>They are made in high-quality aluminum alloys and are characterized by strength and flexibility thanks to a further decrease in material thickness (2mm).</p> <p>Their aggressive tip shape allows excellent grip even on the hardest and most icy snow. 4 small holes have been created to offer the possibility to fix the rampant to the boots through a lanyard in case of emergency.</p> <p>Available in two sizes:<br />102mm - fits the lyngen ski<br />108mm - fits the lofoten ski</p>