Unisex lofoten Norrøna touring130 skins

Premium, allround ski skins in mohair mix.

<p>These high-quality skins from Kohla are made in a highly robust mohair mix (65% Mohair/35% nylon ), which together with a high abrasion resistance, ensure a perfect grip and make the skin extremely durable.</p> <p>The newly developed KOHLA Fiberseal technology is also 100% water-repellent - the skin stays dry. &ldquo;Smart Glue&rdquo;, the state-of-the-art adhesive, ensures easy handling and easy detachment of the skins. Of course, an all-rounder always adapts to the circumstances: VERTICAL therefore not only works in different environments, but also on various types of ski. The skins fit most skis up to 194 cm in length.</p> <p>Features include: A waterproof skin construction, application range up to -30&deg;C, K-Clip spring back attachment, easy length adjustment with elastic strap and stainless steel tip attachment.</p> <p>The width is 130mm and the flexible interchangeable fastening system ensures the perfect fit on every type of ski up to 194 cm in length. The skins come with classic Norr&oslash;na graphics and are 172 cm + length of front/rear attachment buckles.</p> <p>The skins come with a skin bag and a knife for cutting the skins to fit your skis.</p>