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lofoten warm2 HighLoft Jacket (M)

This men's fleece has the highest warmth-to- weight ratio in the ski/snowboard category. Its made with Polartec® High Loft, and is thus warm within a shell, with excellent moisture transportation. Polartec® Power Dry® on the sides and underarms ensures flexibility and a close fit. When used as outer wear, the jacket breathes and dries easily due to the open knit of the fabric, but it is not wind-protecting.

  • Windproofness2
  • Insulation4
  • Breathability4
  • Durability4
  • Light weight5
  • Stretch3
  • Moisture managment5
  • Warmth to weight ratio5
Weight 376 gr. | Model nr. 5034-11
    • Polartec® Thermal Pro® Open

      Thermal Pro® creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without much weight. These fabrics offer excellent breathability and dry quickly.

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    • warm™2 Open

      Weighing between 200 and 300 grams/m², these fleeces allow a good combination of warmth and moisture transportation. They provide more bulk and trap more air than our warm™1 fabric. These fleeces are among the best in the market. Their unique constructions and structures are perfect for different types of activities, as they trap warm air without stopping moisture transport. When used alone, the fabrics are open enough to allow air to circulate, making you feel comfortable in milder conditions. Under a shell they provide excellent insulation values.

  • Technical details Open

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