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Spare part for the powder skirt belonging to the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket that can zip into all the Norrøna ski and snowboard jackets to prevent snow from sneaking in. This spare part can be used on all jackets with zipper for powder skirt from Norrøna and can be snapped on the pants. There can be a +/- 2 cm potential mismatch depending on generation and type of jacket, this will show in the front, but the function will be the same. Zipper size on the lofoten spare part Zip in Powderskirt (M) - S: 102 cm M: 108 cm L: 114 cm XL: 120 cm XXL: 126 cm

Weight 68 gr. | Model nr. 5082-13
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      A single ply stretchy fabric that provides wind and water resistance while allowing improved moisture vapour transportation rates compared to waterproof products. These specially designed fabrics have all the attributes we expect in a Soft Shell: stretch, water resistance, wind resistance and excellent moisture vapour transportation.