Unisex lofoten Goggles (M/W)

Premium ski/snowboard goggles.

<p>These goggles are made for general ski/snowboard activities on and off-slope and come with different lenses.</p> <p>The goggles have premium Zeiss lenses with ultimate UV protection, anti-scratch treatment, and anti-fog treatment. In addition, the Zeiss Snow Detector technology ensures sharp images and enhances visibility in different light conditions.</p> <p>Key features include a wide, elastic headband with easy adjustment and silicon lining on the inside to secure a better grip on the helmet. The pre-shaped wide-sight construction offers a large visual field and excellent clarity.</p> <p>Available in several colors and three different tints for different conditions:</p> <p>S0 &ndash; Very light tint on the lens for weak sunlight. Recommended for use under low light and challenging light conditions.</p> <p>S2 - Medium tint on the lens for strong sunlight. Recommended for prolonged use under variable changing light conditions.</p> <p>S3 &ndash; Dark tint on the lens for very sunny days. Recommended for prolonged usage on bright days.</p>