Female lofoten corespunUll Long sleeve W's

Durable, technical ski/snowboard long sleeve wool base layer shirt.

<p>This specialized round-neck merino shirt is made for all snowsport activities and is suitable for mountaineering and general outdoor activities.</p> <p>It is made in our unique corespunUll, a premium merino wool quality that offers excellent thermal properties, durability, and comfort.</p> <p>The corespunUll consists of 18,5-micron merino wool spun around a recycled nylon core and is exclusively developed by us. The fabric is knitted in Europe, and the shirt is sewn in Europe at our Norr&oslash;na Factory. The nylon core makes the fabric more durable and stabilizes the construction to enhance the functions and endurance of the wool knit. The RWS certifies wool will keep you warm even when wet, cools you down when warm, has natural anti-smell properties and feels soft next to the skin.</p> <p>The top is made with two qualities, 140 g/m2, and 200g/m2. The thicker quality is used where the body requires more warmth: the front, back, shoulders, and overarm. The cuffs and pocket are made in a durable, quick-drying recycled nylon/elastane mix to add comfort, stretch, and reinforcement.</p> <p>Key features include cuffs with integrated hand gaiters and thumbholes, an exterior hanging loop, and a flap in the neck to protect the wearer from chafing from the beacon strap. It has Norr&oslash;na graphics on the chest and arm.</p> <p>The fit is technical with articulated arms for optimal movement and an asymmetric longer back cut for extra protection.</p>