singletrack mountain biking

    Flexible, breathable and durable mountain bike products engineered for technical challenges in rough terrain.

    fjørå Pack 18L

    Pack 18L

    $ 239

    Our fjørå collection

    With our new fjørå collection we put an end to seasonal biking. The collection offers an all year product line that consists of warmer and more insulating pieces combined with our improved classics. Together they have got you covered for technical challenges in rough terrain regardless of the weather conditions.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head

    The one

    The fjørå flex1 Shorts is all you need for long days out on the bike. Its durable, highly breathable, flexible and constructed to fit protection and padding underneath.  

    Canvas Hotel - Home of Riders

    Imagine the perfect bike trail, far from the closest house, road or power line.

    fjørå mesh Gloves

    The fjørå mesh Gloves are extremely ventilated and durable technical mountain bike gloves made of stretchy mesh fabric and synthetic leather.