Unisex finnskogen 40L integral Pack

Our most silent pack for hunting.

<p>This durable pack (1930g) is made for hunting where low noise products are needed and works well for all types of hunting.</p> <p>For the main fabric we use Loden wool because it is nearly silent when in motion and very durable and is ideal for stealthy rifle or shotgun hunting. The addition of a polyester and nylon fabric blend lends to the pack's impressive durability.</p> <p>The main fabric composition is recycled 60% regenerated (recycled) wool/ 35% polyester and 5% nylon (293 g/m2).</p> <p>Key features include: A flexible weapon holder on the back, integrated side pockets and a large and removable Rail Glider game bird net. The flat carrying straps ensure stability and good surface contact when shooting, an inside hydration system pocket, and an outside/inside top lid pocket.</p> <p>This pack is equipped with our integral carrying system that offers good ventilation in the back, adjustable chest straps and a hide away hip belt to ensure good customization options, and a single vertical alu frame for stability.</p>