Female falketind alpha120 Zip Hood W's

Our most breathable and quick-drying mid layer.

<p>This lightweight mid layer fleece jacket is made for light mountaineering but works excellent for other mid to high-intensity activities ranging from trail running to ski touring due to its superb breathability.</p> <p>The jacket is made of Polartec&reg; Alpha&reg;, the world-leading breathable insulation engineered to provide consistent warmth while continuously releasing excess body heat and allowing greater breathability during activity.</p> <p>We&rsquo;ve used the recycled Polartec&reg; Alpha&reg; 120 (120 grams/m2) quality as it provides the optimal balance of weight, warmth, and bulkiness to give the best versatile performance.</p> <p>To ensure an optimal range of movement and decrease the fabric mass in strategic places, we have added a more stretchy Polartec&reg; Power Grid fabric under the arms, down the sides, and hood. Main features include a chest pocket, integrated hand gaiters, hand warming pockets, and an insulating hood.</p> <p>This mid layer has an athletic fit with articulated arms for good mobility.</p>