Unisex arktis Gore-Tex Mittens Unisex Ousland edition

Our warmest and most durable waterproof mittens.

<p>These 3-in-1 mittens were developed in collaboration with ambassador and Polar explorer B&oslash;rge Ousland for Arctic expedition use. Though they can be used during all icy winter adventures.</p> <p>By combining Ousland&rsquo;s decades of expedition experience with our 90 years+ of product development, we have created the ultimate piece for arctic expeditions.</p> <p>These mittens are the ultimate expedition mittens consisting of an inner wool liner, a technical fleece layer, and a waterproof GORE-Tex&reg; Pro shell. They have no compromises on protection, durability, functionality, or ease of use. By creating a 3-in-1 solution, you get a flexible mitten that can adapt to the changing conditions of an expedition.</p> <p>We use GORE-TEX&reg; PRO fabric, because it&rsquo;s the world-leading quality for durable waterproofness (28,000mm), optimized breathability, and total windproofness.</p> <p>The main fabric of the shell is a GORE-Tex&reg; Pro with a 70x160D 3L and a nylon face. The palm is a strong 200D GORE-Tex&reg; Pro - the same reinforcement we use on the bib. In addition, the seams are taped with GORE-Tex&reg;tape making them waterproof.</p> <p>The fleece layer is a 310 g/m2 Gore-Tex Infinium&trade; 100% polyester microfleece on the inside and outside with a membrane in the middle, which is perfect as an outer layer on warm dry days without the shell.</p> <p>The inner wool of the mittens is a 350 g/m2 polyester67%/wool 33% mix that provides great thermal regulation, impeccable comfort, and natural odor reduction.</p> <p>Main features include: An easy tighten and release cuff system. Extra length (up to the elbow) which provides maximum coverage, perfect for extreme conditions in deserted areas. Despite the three layers and great size, these mittens have excellent articulated grip. In addition, the three layers can be easily separated for a quick dry time.They also have an elastic cord around the wrist so you&rsquo;ll never lose a mitten along the way.</p> <p>The fit is relaxed with long (above elbow) protective cuffs.</p>