Unisex arktis expedition Facemask Unisex Ousland edition

Our most weather protective facemask.

<p>This Facemask is developed in collaboration with ambassador and Polar explorer B&oslash;rge Ousland for Arctic expeditions; it can also be used during freeride skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures where great protection is needed.</p> <p>By combining Ousland&rsquo;s decades of expedition experience with our 90 years plus of product development, we have created the ultimate piece for arctic expeditions. This facemask balaclava is made in a high-quality blend of materials that will protect your face, head, and neck against the cold.</p> <p>The main fabric used is Gore-Tex Infinium&trade; Windstopper&reg;. A soft-to-the touch fleece which is both completely windproof yet still breathable to prevent moisture build-up.</p> <p>The center of the mask is outfitted with Naturaprene (a natural based rubber and a more sustainable version of Neoprene) around higher moisture areas - around the face and the mouth. We&rsquo;ve selected this fabric because Naturaprene will keep you warm and keep its shape even when it is wet.</p> <p>We use a 251g/m&sup2; recycled Polartec&reg; Power Stretch&reg; fabric around the back of the head and neck for quality fit and to make the mask easier to take on and off.</p> <p>Main features include: A soft Fleece-lined interior so your skin is left irritation free. Windproof fabric in the front and sides for ultimate defence against gusts of icy wind. A cool embroidered logo, and power-stretch neck panels for extra breathability and to make the mask easy to take on and off.</p> <p>This facemask has a technical fit.</p>