/29 men

    lifestyle collection

    Built with functional twists and solutions, clean colours and clean living is reflected in 100% organic cotton and recycled fleece designs.

    /29 tech T-Shirt (M)
    /29 cotton heritage T-shirt (M)
    Launching 27.03.2019
    /29 cotton ID T-Shirt (M)
    Launching 27.03.2019
    /29 cotton stretch T-Shirt (M)
    Launching 27.03.2019
    /29 cotton viking T-Shirt (M)
    Launching 27.03.2019
    /29 chunky marl knit Beanie
    Returning 29.07.2019
    /29 fisherman Beanie
    Returning 29.07.2019

    The /29 lifestyle collection

    Offering comfort and style in between awesome adventures or during relaxing getaways, the /29 collection includes functional everyday basics in sustainable fabrics.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head