Unisex /29 warmwool2 Beanie Unisex

A classic warm and soft beanie.

<p>This lightweight beanie is made for general outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and mountaineering, but is also suitable for everyday wear.</p> <p>It is made in our breathable and insulating warm2 fabric, a market-leading midweight fleece quality with great thermal properties. This versatile recycled polyester fabric offers best-in-class warmth combined with great moisture transportation. Its unique constructions trap warm air without stopping moisture transport, and the fabrics are open enough to allow air to circulate.</p> <p>The main material is a 76% recycled polyester, 18% wool, 6% elastane blend 289 g/m2.</p> <p>This beanie has a snug fit and can easily fit underneath a helmet.</p>