Unisex /29 corespunUll Liner Gloves

Our thinnest gloves for year-round use.

<p>These gloves are made for stand-alone use, or as a thin layer in combination with shell or insulated gloves. Perfect to manage the sudden shifts in temperature while enjoying the outdoors.</p> <p>Made with a blend of 92% Merino Wool, and 8% recycled Nylon.</p> <p>We&rsquo;ve chosen this combination of 18,5 mulesing free Merino Wool and Nylon 200g/m2 fabric because Merino Wool is warm, soft on the skin, anti-odor, and temperature regulating. While the recycled Nylon face provides extra durability and has a quick drying time.</p> <p>Additional features include: A woven label on the exterior, and touch screen compatible on both the thumb and index finger so you can keep your hands warm when you are checking your phone.</p> <p>These gloves have a technical fit.</p>