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lofoten ACE

The lofoten ACE

A must for the collector, a game changer for the freeriders and an ace within its segment. Available November 24th. 

lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Say hello to the mother of all jackets, the extremely limited lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Pro Jacket. The jacket is made for days with loads of powder, high intensity and will always provide you with the best weather protection there is.

lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Pro Pants

Setting the new benchmark for freeride pants, the lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Pro Pants are the perfect match with the lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Jacket. These extremly durable pants are made for any adventure and we've added three different bib solution to ensure maximum flexibility. 

The ACE collection

Deriving from aces, the highest cards in poker, an ace is known to be the absolute best in its field. To ensure that we are at the forefront, we have developed a new process where we create unique and exclusive ace-products within different concepts. Through these design processes we are constantly challenging technology and materials to make sure we always provide the newest, boldest and best there is.

This year we are proud to introduce the lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Jacket and lofoten ACE Gore-Tex Pants - two outstanding garments that will be game changers on the freeride scene.

Ace up

Being the first kit ever with the newly developed GORE-TEX® fabric with Vectran fibers, the lofoten ACE Gore-Tex set is setting the absolute benchmark among freeride products. Made in a a material so durable we couldn't even cut it with regular scissors when making the prototype, the jacket and pants offer the ultimate set up for heavy powder days.