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Loyalty program terms and conditions

At Norrøna, we aim to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers. As a member in the Loyalty program, you can earn points on purchases and activities offered by us and our business partners that entitle you to receive personalized rewards and benefits.

These Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions are applicable to our Loyalty program. By remaining or enrolling in the Loyalty program, online or otherwise, you confirm that you accept these Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions.

1. Our goal with the Loyalty program

1.1 As a member of the Loyalty program, you are part of our community and will, in addition to earning points on purchases and activities, get access to exclusive products and services and personalized services and offers. Our goal is to get to know you, so that we can provide you with the products and services that are truly relevant and useful to you.

With our Loyalty program, we would like to offer you benefits such as:

  • Using your Loyalty membership to earn points on purchases and activities with us or our business partners.
  • Providing you with relevant and personalized offers, also through our business partners, based on your preferences and behavior.
  • Optimizing our communication with you by primarily using preferred channels.

Benefits may be subject to additions and changes during the length of your membership.

2. About the Loyalty membership

2.1 The Loyalty program is owned and operated by Norrøna Sport AS.

2.2 In order to be eligible for membership in our Loyalty Program you must be at least 18 years old.

2.3 The information you provide when registering the membership shall be correct. In order for us to be able to fulfil our obligations, you must notify us as soon as possible of any changes of postal address, e-mail address and any other changes that may affect the terms and conditions described in this document. After registration you are responsible for keeping the information up to date.

2.4 The Loyalty membership is personal. Only one person per membership is allowed and only the member whose name appears on the Loyalty membership profile page is entitled to use it.

Your membership is registered in your name, personal e-mail and stated country. "Address c/o" is not permitted and the e-mail address must be personal. The member's name in the Loyalty profile should be the same name as stated in the member's passport.

2.5 If your digital Loyalty membership is stolen or account is hacked, you must contact Norrøna.

2.6 The personal login details are your personal responsibility. We will not reimburse you if the correct login details have been used without your approval.

2.7. Loyalty program membership also makes you eligible to receive useful marketing material, herein marketing material that is personalized to match your needs and interests. In order for us to be able to send you such material, we will ask for your consent prior to joining the Loyalty Program.

3. Earning points

3.1 Points can be earned on activities and purchases that are defined on our website. You must be a Loyalty member to earn points.

3.2 Unless otherwise stated, it is the rules and benefits applicable to your membership level at the time of your activity that will apply.

3.3 Only you personally can earn points for your own purchases, regardless of who paid for the products or services.

3.4 Purchases that took place before the official launch of the Loyalty Program cannot be registered, unless otherwise stated. If you are a new member, you can register your profile and collect your points online up to six (6) months after the purchase. Retroactive registration can only take place online, and requires that you can verify the registered email address for the relevant purchase.

3.5 Points and benefits (including give away cards) are personal and can under no circumstances be sold, transferred, combined, inherited, refunded in cash or used for other purposes than within the Loyalty program unless otherwise stated by Norrøna.

3.6 You can earn and use your points and take advantage of offers/benefits as soon as you have a Loyalty membership profile registered online. Points are valid for five years, and your membership level is calculated based on your spend the last 24 months.

3.7 If you do not earn any points for 36 months, we have the right to terminate your membership provided that you have no valid, usable points in your Loyalty account.

3.8 Points earned from a purchase is withdrawn from the customers profile if the purchase is returned.

3.9 Customers can not have a negative cash points account. If customer have used cash points generated by the original purchase, refund will be reduced by the value of the cash points spent.

4. Using points

4.1 Unless we state otherwise, membership points, awards and benefits can be used only by you personally.

4.2 You must ensure that personal login details are not used illegally. We are not liable for any consequences of illegal use of personal login details. You are liable for any use of, and responsible for ensuring that you are entitled to use, the points and benefits, whether you or another person is using them.

4.3 If you return a product bought fully or partially with cash points, the refund will reflect your original transaction and cash points will be placed on your profile equal to the cash points spent on the purchase.

5. Personal data

5.1 Membership in the Loyalty program requires us to process your personal data. To fulfil our commitment under these Loyalty Terms and Conditions, it is thus necessary for us to process information that relates to you as a person.

5.2 The personal data in question is mostly information that you have provided us with, e.g. when purchasing a product and registering your Loyalty profile, but also data from our business partners and other third parties.

5.3 Further information on how we process your personal data is set out in our data privacy policy.

6. Communication between us and our members

As a member of our Loyalty Program, you will receive exclusive content and offers. We will primarily communicate with you electronically.

7. Changes to the Loyalty Program

We reserve the right to make improvements and/or alterations in the Loyalty Program upon four weeks' notice. We shall not be held responsible for the loss of points or inconvenience that this may cause.

The right to make improvements and/or alterations includes but is not limited to closing the Program both temporary and permanent.

8. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate or downgrade your membership in cases which we deem constitute a breach of the terms and conditions set out in this document. Such a breach may constitute but is not limited to conduct that is disrespectful, illegal, fraudulent or in other ways inapplicable to our values.

We will notify you of such termination or downgrading of your membership four weeks before action is taken.

Membership may be terminated or downgraded without notification in cases which we deem constitute a fundamental breach of the terms and conditions as set out in this document.

If your membership is terminated, your previously earned but unused points will be nullified.

9. Contact us

It is easy to contact us. Send an e-mail to or call +47 66 77 24 00 if you have any questions concerning your membership or are in need of assistance.

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Customer service opening hours (CEST)
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Customer service opening hours (CEST)
Mon-Fri: 6 am - 11 pm
Sat-Sun: 1 pm - 9 pm

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