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all seasons, any weather
Made for all seasons and any weather, our falketind concept provides the perfect year around set up for outdoor enthusiasts. The products are flexible, technical and light weight.
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    The beautiful peak of Falketind is located in the western Jotunheimen range. It looks inaccessible, surrounded as it is by fall-away cliffs and deep glacial crevasses. Still the mountain and its surroundings offers great nature experiences in every season for multiple activities, and it is this flexibility that describes our falketind products; flexible, technical and super light. Whether you prefer hiking, bouldering or challenging summit climbs, falketind products are made for all challenges nature has to offer regardless of weather all year around.

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Climbing Falketind in the Summer

Here I lie, peeking over the edge of the Falketind plateaux, but the 1000-metre free fall drop below me is making me dizzy, so I quickly retreat.

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