Mountain durability
A natural choice for mountain hunting, named after the symbolic place that represents the eternal, unchanging bedrock of the nation, this is a parallel we also like to draw to our products
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    “United and true till Dovre falls.” So went the Eidsvoll oath of 1814, when Norway proclaimed itself a free and independent country. Already then the Dovre range was a symbol representing the eternal, unchanging bedrock of the nation. And so it remains today. The mountains of Dovre are also known as a very attractive hunting area. Naturally enough, Norrøna’s dovre collection is designed for mountain hunting. What primarily distinguishes these products is that they’re durable and can withstand all weather conditions.

dovre dri3 Jacket
dovre waterproof hunting jacket

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The Reindeer hunters

“We’d been walking for several hours”, says Martin Blom, Norrøna’s seasoned hunting ambassador, recalling one of his best hunting trips this autumn.