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Technical and super light weight products made for high intensity activities.


Lightweight trekking
Technical and super light weight products designed to protect you from the changing weather of spring, summer and autumn.
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    As a gateway to Jotunheimen National Park, the majestic bitihorn has gained symbolic status in the Norwegian outdoors. The peak rises 1607 meters over sea level, providing climbers an indescribable view of famous neighbours such as Rasletind, Falketind and Torfinnstindene. Norrøna’s bitihorn collection is specially made for day hikes and cross-country running. This series of highly technical products are designed to protect you against the changeable weather patterns of spring, summer, and autumn wihtout compromising on the breathability and weight.

bitihorn Powerstretch Zip-Hood (M)
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Comfortable, durable and lightweight fleece made of stretchy Polartec Power Stretch Pro®.

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