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About Norrøna

Norrøna ambassadors

Meet Norrøna's team of athletes representing the brand. They all play an important role in the communication of each distinct concept, bringing our products to life through their lifestyle and core activity.

Armin Beeli

Mountain biker and freeride skier

Asbjørn Næss

Freeride skier

Aslak "Letth" Mørstad

Mountain biker

Børge Ousland

Polar explorer

Charly Bogey

Big mountain skier

Christian Nummedal

Freeride skier

Eva Eskilsson


Giuliano Bordoni

Freeride skier

Jackie Paaso

Big mountain freerider

Johanna Stålnacke

Freeskier and alpine climber

Johanne Killi

Freeride skier

Jon Bokrantz

Mountain biker

Ludwig Karrasch


Merrick Mordal

Skiier and mountaineer

Michael "Bird" Shaffer


Mike Henitiuk

Backcountry skier

Minna Riihimaki

Freeride skier and mountain biker

Nikolai Schirmer

Freeride skier and photographer

Reine Barkered

Big mountain freerider

Robert Caspersen

Big wall climber

Roman Rohrmoser


Sebastien Michaud

Freeride skier

Thomas Klingenberg

Mountain biker

Tobi Tritcher

Backcountry skier

Wolfgang Huber

Mountain guide