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If it's broken, we will fix it. We've offered service and repairs on all our products ever since the beginning in 1929.

Can Norrøna repair my Norrøna product if it is damaged?

Off course we can do repairs for you, or we can help you with Do It Yourself equipment.


How do I send my products for repair?

European customers:

1. Fill out personal and product information sheet.
2. Print sheet and lay on top of product, keep copy
3. The product must be washed before you send it in. Please follow the washing instructions here
4. Duct tape or similar must be removed
5. Pay for postage

Customers outside Europe: please contact our service center for information.


How much does a repair cost?

Please have a look at our pricelist for typical repairs.


Price EUR

Price NOK

New taping in garment

42,- pr. hour

 400.- pr. hour

Fixing of tears

42,- pr. hour

 400.- pr. hour

Shortening pants without zipper

Starts at 52,-

 Starts at 500,-

Shortening arms

Starts at 47,-

 Starts at 450,-

Changing zippers



Front zippers

Starts at 40,- to 84,-

 Starts at 385,- to 800,-

Zippers in pockets



Side zippers in pants

47,- pr. stk

 450,- pr. stk

Under arm zippers

40,- pr. stk

 385,- pr. stk

Zippers in fly



Zippers in powder skirt



Zippers in backpacks



Change velcro

17,- to 37,-

 150,- to 350,-

Change wire in hood



Reinforcement inside leg

Starts at 42,- pr leg

 Starts at 400,- pr leg

Reinforcement seat



Elastic for gaiters



Elastic attachment gaitor






Hourly rate




How long will the repair process take?

The processing time for repairs is usually around 14 days from receiving the product, in peak repair periods during winter time the process may take longer. 

Can I do my own repairs?

Yes, have a look at our DIY video on how to replace the YKK zipper divider and/or puller – one of the most common fixes we do. On request, we will send you the parts.

We also ship spare parts for your product, like buckles and other plastic parts, elastic and spare parts for gaiters. We ship tape parts to repair hulls in waterproof products, so you can fix the hole yourself with an iron. We also ship fabric pieces so you can fix damages yourself. Contact us here and we'll hook you up.

If you live in Stockholm or Oslo, you can always visit our repair centers located in our local flagship stores.