Ski and Snowboarding

We divide our ski/snowboard category into two distinctive concepts; røldal and lofoten. We also have a concept specifically made for ski mountaineering; lyngen. Each concept is built around fabric choice, purposeful detailing and performance solutions for your on-slope, freeride and big mountain needs.

Big mountain ski and snowboard


Dramatic terrain and extreme weather testing your equipment´s limits, you need to withstand the most demanding conditions. Purely technical, highly durable and proudly practical, lofoten places design above anything else.

Freeride ski and snowboard


Forged to fuel your freeride experience, røldal blends serious mountain protection with a casual urban look. Since flexible lines need flexible gear, røldal respects each technical tick with extra flair and style for the fashion conscious freerider.

Ski touring


Ascend alpine steeps with lightweight ease, descend the peak with speed. lyngen jointly protects your aerobic climb and ski time, and is tailored to alpine tourers with its focus on total windproofing, breathability and flexible venting options.