We divide our mountaineering category into three concepts; trollveggen, falketind and lyngen. Working with the destructive nature of the rugged outdoors, from rock climbing to randonee, each garment is created to push the limits of protection, durability and comfort.

Lightweight mountaineering products


Whether you are taking the long route, hiking up, or climbing to get to the very peak, the falketind products are made for all challenges nature has to offer regardless of weather

Workwear for the mountain


First choice of mountaineers. These are tough clothes that maximize mobility in steep and difficult terrain. Innovative security details make trollveggen the best-performing alpine apparel available today

Ski mountaineering


Ascend alpine steeps with lightweight ease, descend the peak with speed. lyngen jointly protects your aerobic climb and ski time, and is tailored for alpine tourers with its focus on total windproofing, breathability and flexible venting options