bitihorn Herren

    trekking mit leichtgepäck

    Die Kollektion bietet sehr geringes Gewicht, hohe Atmungsaktivität, Verstaubarkeit und einen hohen Feuchtigkeitstransport.

    bitihorn dri1 Jacke (H)

    dri1 Jacket (M)

    USD 289

    bitihorn dri1 Hose (H)
    Bald verfügbar

    dri1 Pants (M)

    USD 269

    bitihorn Zip-Off-Hose (H)
    Bald verfügbar

    Zip off Pants (M)

    USD 199

    bitihorn flex1 Hose (H)

    flex1 Pants (M)

    USD 139

    bitihorn Wollshirt (H)
    Bald verfügbar

    wool Shirt (M)

    USD 89

    The bitihorn collection

    From concrete roads, through wet forest trails and up to airy peaks - our new bitihorn collection adapts perfectly to your activities. These technical, packable and super light weight products offer the full set up when requiring extremely light, breathable yet protective clothing.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head

    bitihorn Gore-Tex Shake Dry

    Waterproof,  breathable and extremely light weight. A few quick shakes of the garment will render the surface dry. 

    Introducing the world´s lightest down sweater

    When extreme light weight meets maximum warmth and compressibility. 

    Why a man run

    “I want to bring my body to where my eyes are.
    The mountains”

    The best products are the ones with the most memories