bitihorn aero60 Jacket

bitihorn aero60 Jacket

Take a hike and enjoy it, in this lightweight, windproof and breathable jacket!


lyngen - ski mountaineering

Ascend alpine steeps with lightweight ease, descend the peak with speed. lyngen jointly protects your aerobic climb and ski time, and is tailored for alpine tourers with its focus on total windproofing, breathability and flexible venting options.



A civilized hiking experience

/29 dri3 Coat

/29 dri3 Coat

Casual, lightweight and breathable rain coat with a clean and minimalistic design - pure awesomeness.

Take a hike

Take a tip from professional climber Robert Caspersen

In Patagonia you need to be prepared for all types of weather. You must expect strong winds. The temperatures vary a lot both from day to day and with your position and altitude. And it may rain and snow on the same day.

falketind - lightweight mountaineering