Norrøna Bogen

    Begränsad upplaga

    Ett t-shirt-samarbete mellan Norrøna och Ozawa Koujiv, mannen bakom det japanska märket Bogen.

    29 boots co lab T shirt (M)
    Ny färg
    29 powder skier co lab T shirt (M)
    Limited edt.
    29 viking skier co lab T Shirt (M)
    Limited edt.

    Norrøna + Bogen

    When we meet Ogawa Koujiv we knew that we needed to do a cooperation project. “We fell in love with the style of the Bogen graphics, they looked really handmade, and all of the prints were related to skiing and mountain activities” – Fredrik Lundberg, design director.

    Norrøna viking head Norrøna viking head