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Glove and mitten guide

To keep your hands dry and comfortable during your adventures is crucial for the best experience. When the temperature is dropping, your body prioritizes to keep the heart and lungs warm which leads to a reduction of blood flow to your hands and feet. To prevent cold, dry and sore winter hands, it’s important to always bring a pair of gloves or mittens as well as a moisturizing hand crème.

When you are looking for the right pair of gloves or mittens you should first consider which activity you will be using them for - Low or high-intensity level? We are offering high-quality gloves and mittens specially developed for different activities, here we'll give you a little guidance.

For big mountain adventures

For cold days in the mountains, skiing downhill or doing low-intensity activities, choose insulated mittens or gloves. We recommend you to check out our lofoten and trollveggen collection, that will protect you against snow, rain, and wind. For the head, you should choose a thick wool beanie like the /29 wool logo beanie or fisherman beanie.

The lofoten dri1 PrimaLoft short gloves or mittens is specially made for skiing and snowboarding, and designed to give the hand optimal movement in a limited space to ensure warmth and usability.

If you're looking for mountaineering specific gloves that protects and warms, we suggest you have a loook at our new trollveggen Gore-Tex Gloves or the trollveggenGore-Tex Pro Mittens.

For ski touring and high intensity activities

The lyngen Windstopper Leather Gloves are lightweight and technical gloves designed for ski touring. The back is made of a thicker GORE® Windstopper fleece providing the perfect combination of wind protection and comfort; The totally windproof, yet extremely breathable membrane blocks the wind and allows vapor to escape minimizing the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you are active. 

For extra protection choose a pair of durable shell gloves like the Lyngen dri1 gloves. They are lightweight, water-resistant and have space for an extra layer inside. And don't forget to protect your head and ears. The lightweight Lyngen power stretch pro beanie offers protection, insulation and will fit underneath a helmet.

Grip precision

Cycling can be pretty hard on your hands, and a pair of good biking gloves will not only protect your hands from blisters but also give you better grip and performance. Our selection of biking gloves will support you through technical challenges in rough terrain.

For hot summer days, we can recommend The fjørå mesh Gloves that are extremely ventilated and durable. These full fingered gloves are designed for maximum grip precision, great ventilation and to provide the protection you need. Comes with a nose wipe on thumb. We dare to say there’s a risk you will forget you are wearing gloves.

For shifting temperatures and conditions The skibotn flex1 gloves offer maximum protection and grip precision. They are specially made for enduro mountain biking in stretchy flex™1 outer fabric and synthetic leather inside. 

In cold and dry conditions we recommend The fjørå Windstopper gloves which are stretchy, warm and wind protective yet provides good breathability.

Cold water protection

The unstad 3mm Gloves are durable neoprene gloves made for cold water surfing. They are fully taped and have grip material in the palm to ensure good board grip and maximum performance.

Silent hunting

The demanding hunter needs great protection, comfort, and sensibility. Our iconic finnskogen collection set the benchmark for silent hunting back in the 90's, and are still a true classic amongst hunters.

The finnskogen Windstopper Gloves are windproof and durable hunting gloves with an index finger trigger hole designed to ensure zero interference when requiring a steady hand. The flex1 outer fabric improves the breathability while the soft leather palm aids great grip.

For hunters looking for a weather protective all-rounder The finnskogen dri Gloves are warm, waterproof and durable. They combine our waterproof yet breathable dri membrane with soft and stretchy flex1 outer fabric to provide comfort and protection. To ensure good grip, they have a leather palm patch

Don't forget

Remember to also protect your neck and head, and feet during winter. The winter season is a beautiful time to spend outside, but if you don't protect your body from the freezing cold it can make you sick and weaken your performance of your favourite winter activity. 

Your head and neck are especially exposed to the cold weather, so don't forget to put on a beanie and neck for optimal comfort and performance. The neck can also be used as a headband and go over your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling cold air. Check out our selection of beanies and necks here.

Our selection of socks is made of the finest merino wool that will keep you warm when it is cold yet cool when it is warm. They are soft and comfortable next to skin, quick drying, breathable and very durable. If your feet get wet, you will get cold - so remember to always bring an extra pair of socks. Check out our selection of socks here.