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Our wool baselayer

Whether you are trekking, skiing, biking or doing outdoor recreation, a good baselayer is essential. Our merino wool baselayer is developed to suit your activity perfectly, regardless of weather conditions, season or intensity level.

The first layer should feel like a second skin to your body

First things first; the art of layering.

To stay comfortable, adaptable and get the most out of your outdoor experience, how you get dressed is key. We always recommend going by the layering principle.

Inner layer: The baselayer pulls moisture from your skin to the mid-layer and retains heat. A wool baselayer regulates your body temperature, cooling you down in warm weather and keeping you warm when it's cold. This makes wool a perfect choice during all seasons. 

Mid-layer: The mid-layer keeps you warm and can easily be added/removed depending on temperature, weather, and activity level. Choose a fleece or wool piece which offers the right insulation for your use and keeps you warm. Some also prefer using a thin down jacket. Tip: When washing your fleece, use a guppy bag to leave a minimal footprint. Read more about Guppy Friend here.

Outer layer: The outer layer should protect you from the elements. Choose a wind and waterproof shell when you're facing rain, wind and harsh weather, and a down or an insulating outer layer for the breaks and cold, dry days. You can also combine the two, adding extra insulation under or on top of the shell.

Why wool

Our merino wool baselayer is perfect both as functional leisurewear and as a highly insulating underwear. The wool we use is all natural, mulesing free and of course traceable, coming from sheep living on grass, water, sunshine, and rain. Read more about our work on animal welfare here.

The highly breathable wool fabric consists of 89% fine merino wool, 17,5 microns thick, providing a super soft and comfortable feel. 11% polyamide makes the fabric more durable and quick drying. The fabric weight is 170 gr/m2, and the thickness is in the sweet spot for regulating temperatures, keeping you warm even when wet.

Wool is naturally resistant to odor, which makes it a favorite for those who are active and constantly on the go. It can be used for many days without smelling if it’s aired well. This makes it a perfect choice on longer trips where you’re unable to wash your clothing. 

Wool bra hack

A wool bra will not give the same support as a tight-fitting, technical sports bra. An insider tip is to use two bras in wool over each other. Choose your normal size at the base and then go up one size on layer two. Then you will get the same support as a technical top.

Do not forget to keep your head and hands warm.

The body will always sacrifice feet and hands in order to maintain the temperature in the head and the brain. Therefore the head is the most important part of the body to keep warm, even in the summer. Always bring a light wool beanie when heading out on adventures.