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Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabric are durably waterproof and windproof, combined with optimized breathability—enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer. Multiple fabrics and construction methods include insulated, non-insulated, 2-Layer and 3-Layer constructions.

GORE-TEX® Active
Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Active fabrics are built for extreme breathability and ideal for highly aerobic, done-in-a-day activities.

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Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Pro fabrics are built for maximized ruggedness and are ideal for extreme and extended use.

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The membrane is an ultra-thin protective layer which is laminated to a lightweight textile layer, making it totally windproof. It is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered. This means that the WINDSTOPPER™ membrane adds total windproofness to any textile without perceivably restricting its initial breathability or weight.

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Polartec, LLC is the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of Polartec® performance fabrics. Polartec® products range from lightweight wicking base layers, to insulation layers, to extreme weather protection and are utilized by the best clothing brands in the world.

Polartec® Thermal Pro®
Thermal Pro® creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without much weight. These fabrics offer excellent breathability and dry quickly.

Polartec® Power Stretch®
A breathable, body-hugging, 4-way stretch, one-side fleece designed to keep you drier when you sweat and provide warmth without added weight. Outside face is smooth to provide better freedom

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Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™
Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ is engineered to push the performance of the base stretch fabrics even further. By reinforcing the elastic fibers on the exterior surface Polartec® enhanced the overall 4-way stretch for more support and stability during movement.

This unique construction allows for increased resistance and durability against the elements without sacrificing breathability or comfort. Polartec® Power Stretch Pro™ is constructed with a Polyamide outside for long lasting durability.

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Polartec® Alpha®
Polartec® Alpha® starts with a highly efficient insulation fabric, which is based on the Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft technology platform.  This technology is uniquely suited to create warmth without weight, and exceptional breathability, compressibility and dry times via high loft fibers in a low density knit.

A Polartec Alpha garment can be worn in both the "stop" and "go" phases of outdoor activities.  Current market synthetic insulations are not breathable enough to handle the "go" phases of most backcountry pursuits.  They are typically additional garments that must be carried for use during static period.  Polartec Alpha excels at providing comfort for users on the move.

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Polartec® Power Grid
This patented grid design structure is a new way to reduce fabric weight while increasing warmth and compressibility. Open air channels surrounding each individual segment of grid allow easy release of all excess body heat as it builds during activity. The grid construction enhances both wicking efficiency and breathability by generating channels of targeted touch points that absorb and diffuse moisture vapor for faster evaporation.

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PrimaLoft®is a patented microfiber, that gives great thermal insulation to help the body maintain its temperature, minimizing energy loss. Extremely light, water repellent, soft and compressible, and originally developed by the US Army to replace natural down. As down absorbs moisture, it becomes wet and loses its thermal-insulating abilities. PrimaLoft® absorbs three times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and 24% warmer when wet, than the competitive insulation.

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dri™1 is constructed with face fabric laminated to a printed membrane on the backside. Without needing a liner, it is a soft, ultra lightweight, low-volume protective material using a hydrophilic system of moisture transportation rather than hydrophilic holes. Suitable for biking, walking, hiking and other outdoor sports where it’s important to shield the body against rain and wind. Uses fluorocarbon-free membrane and DWR.

dri™2 is a 2-layer, ultra-thin, non-porous, hydro¬philic membrane that provides high levels of waterproofness and breathability, fluorocarbon-free membrane and DWR. An inside lining provides extra comfort to the product.

dri™3 is a 3-layer, ultra-thin, non-porous, hydro¬philic membrane that provides high levels of waterproofness and breathability. Most Fluorocarbon-free membrane and DWR. This fabric is often more stretchy than other known waterproof membranes.  


flex™1 is a single ply stretchy fabric that provides wind and water repellence while allowing improved moisture vapour transportation rates compared to waterproof products. These specially designed fabrics have all the attributes we expect in a Soft Shell: stretch, water resistance, wind resistance and excellent moisture vapour transportation.

Similar to flex™1 but with a double weave construction that provides improved warmth and wind protection whilst moisture vapour transportation remains high.

A 3-layer stretchy fabric that provides excellent wind, water and thermal protection. This 3-layer has a woven face, PU membrane and micro fleece backer. This specifically developed fabric provides all the attributes we consider to be a cold weather Soft Shell; stretch, water protection and wind protection.


A super comfortable combination of full weather protection and the comfort of stretch. driflex3 is a special 3 layer stretchy, non-porous, hydrophilic membrane utilizing a stretch woven face fabric, a printed PU membrane featuring Cocona quick drying technology and a micropolyester backer.


Our down products use the highest available down quality that we can find, which is a by-product of the food industry (in contrast to being killed just for insulation). Our down comes from the mountains of Pyrenees in France, and all treatment of the birds complies with European standards, and the highly specialized washing of the down passes the Oeko-Tex 100 standards. Our down™750 means down fill power from 750 to 800 cu in/oz with the percentage of down cluster from 93–96%.

YKK Aquaseal®

Aquaseal® zippers are a recent addition to YKK's watertight and water repellent product line. They are perfect for all sorts of gear where water and air tightness is a must. Smoother and more flexible, they offer optimum protection thanks to the film coated tape and the innovative zip element mechanism that seal the zipper completely. This is the first truly waterproof zipper provided on Norrøna products.


A super-lightweight, highly breathable technical fabric, aero™100 weighs about 30 grams/m². It’s soft, water-repellent and wind-resistant, but with a slightly open weave to improve moisture vapour transportation during aerobic activities.

aero™60 pureRecycled™
Lightweight 100% chemically recycled polyester fabric. Maintaining its superior lightweight quality and high breathability, aero™60 provides greater wind resistance for running protection.

pureOrganic™ Cotton

Organic cotton is produced without the use of harmful pesticides, harsh chemical bleaches or dyes and is allergy-free. Today Norrøna uses organic cotton in most cotton products and our goal is that all our cotton products are produced solely with organic cotton by 2015.

Merino Wool

All our merino wool is natural and comes from Australian bred sheep. It is of course mulesing free and traceable. The temperature regulating and highly breathable wool fabric used in our baselayer consists of 89% merino wool, 17,5 microns thick, providing a soft and comfortable feel. And 11% polyamide makes the fabric more durable and quick drying. The fabric weight is 170 gr/m2 and the thickness is in the sweet spot for regulating temperatures all seasons with different activity levels, keeping you warm even when wet. Wool has a natural resistance to microbial growth which reduces smell.