A Day Out - Jon Bokrantz

If you go anywhere, even the most exciting places on earth, you will miss your home. After all, home is where it all started.

For me, my childhood home is the start of more than 15 years of uninterrupted devotion to riding bikes.   In fact, every devoted mountain biker strives to travel the world, explore new locations, and experience the finest of singletrack. However, riding the same trails that you’ve done for years and years might be equally exciting. Maybe it’s because nothing seems to change, the revival of old memories, or just the trails themselves. Nonetheless, it is hard to beat the feeling of returning home and ripping familiar terrain. 

Jon and friends hammer local trails with Norrona singletrack gear

I grew up in Sundsvall, located just an hour away from the official midpoint of Sweden. Surrounded by hills and forests, it is not a bad place to be for a kid who enjoys riding on two wheels. However, the renowned endless Swedish summer nights are a rare luxury, so you have to make the most of every opportunity. As a kid, I always strived to maximize my time on the bike, heading out for rides in the woods straight after school. Today, I do the same every time I get home, riding my old local trails and reliving precious memories. Of course, objectively, the trails are not as good as in New Zealand, Norway, or Canada. But that does not really matter. It is my home, and there is no place like home.

 Jon soaks up the singletrack vibes on his local trails

Last light shredding, jon rides local trails in norrona singletrack gear.

Although I don’t live in Sundsvall anymore, the local hills and nearby bike parks have made me to the rider I am today. So, follow me on A Day Out and get a glimpse of some singletrack goodness in and around the place that I, in my heart, still call home!

See the film here:

A Day Out - Jon Bokrantz from Norrona on Vimeo.