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Factory audits

Norrøna audits all new factories according to our Code of Conduct. The factories are then included in our audit cycle where the need for a re-inspection or audit is considered continuously. The CSR audits are done by independent auditors that speak the local language and know local legislation. These findings were reviewed by our CSR Responsible and the Head of Supply Chain. An improvement plan is established, and it will be followed-up through dialogue and factory visits. We emphasize good cooperation with our factories and acknowledge that this is a continuous process. This is one part of our effort to make our value chain as responsible and sustainable as possible.

In 2018, 91% of our factories were audited by a 3rd part. This is a 9% drop from 2018 and represents two factories. These are what we consider to be low-risk manufacturers, but we’ll definitely look into them in 2019 to ensure we keep our goal of 100 %.