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Tonje Blomseth is definitely not your average girl next door. At the age of 17 she decided to take on the elongated landscape of Norway by foot. Nearly 3000 km later she was certain: her heart was in the outdoors and her spirit of an adventurer’s.

- I knew at a very early age that I would not thrive following the normal path of today’s society. At 18 I decided that I would pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time adventurer even though I had to start from scratch.

The now 23-year-old from Trondheim, Norway quit school to do expeditions for a living, often accompanied by her four dogs. She has her home base in Karasjok where she lives with her four legged friends and her two legged man.

What drives you? 

To overcome the challenges that mother nature throws at me is a huge motivator to keep me going when it gets tough. I love the outdoors and the peace it gives to both my mind and body. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Unlike sports like freeride skiing or mountain biking, the life and sport of expeditions has quite a slow pace.

 - I’m going miles and miles for weeks – up to months - to reach a distance, a goal or maybe push my ability to survive. I push the limits when it comes to staying outside and endure extreme harsh environments where temperatures can creep down to -50 Celsius, covering huge distances depending on my machinery and with a limited amount of food. My biggest challenge is to stay warm at winter time. I've already got some messed up fingers and toes.

Name: Tonje Blomseth

Sport: Expeditions 

Hometown: Karasjok, Norway

Favorite place: Karasjok in Norway, for sure! Home sweet home.

Favorite products: My trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro jacket as well as my svalbard Gore-Tex pants to go with it. I need durable clothing for what I do and Norrøna provides me with that.  Also I love my fjørå flex1 Pants for both everyday use at home and in the mountains. 

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