The story of our craftsmanship 

Since 1929 we've been a family business making outdoor products with the highest possible quality following our design philosophy Loaded Minimalism™. But what does this actually mean? Ambassador Nikolai Schirmer wanted to find out. Tag along as he explores the story of our craftsmanship, our history and finds out how we produce one of the world's leading outdoor gear.

In 1929, Jørgen Jørgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast, began his search for durable outdoor equipment to perform in Norway’s harsh and rugged land. Starting with simple innovations such as leather straps, canvas backpacks and cotton clothing, he set Norrøna’s direction: to search for the best in technical advancements; to create the ultimate in performance product with quality craftsmanship at the core.

Today, four generations later, as traditional mountain life broadens, we are still a family-owned and run company based near Oslo, Norway. We inherit from our forefathers our passionate commitment to advance the boundaries of product function, with design-bred solutions to equip you with premium, protective, sustainable gear for your outdoor needs.

The craftsmanship of product development has always been a driving force for us. From concept to creation, our in-house team of designers and craftsmen are able to control every single detail through experimental and technical design processes with the powerful Arctic nature as the test lab. Most of our products have a three-year design process which enables up for hours and hours of testing, adjustments, testing, and more adjustment before they’re ready to go on adventures with their new owners.  

It says something about our passion.

It says our compass is pointed toward innovation.
That Norway's stunning nature is our laboratory.
That our goal is sustainability.

Maybe that's why Norrøna was behind the world's first tunnel-shaped tent back in 1972. Maybe that is why Norrøna launched Europe's first Gore-Tex jacket back in 1977. Maybe that's why we unveiled an anatomical backpack as early as in 1980, functional and stylish clothing for steep freeriding in 2004, a separate collection for single track riding in 2008 and a complete collection for Arctic surfing in 2017.

We always work closely with our versatile team of ambassadors, testers, and adventurers when developing our products. Many of our styles are direct results of close co-operation and long processes to ensure we equip them and you with functional, high-quality products.

My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all believed that Norrøna had to create sustainable products with the best possible design, cutting-edge functionality, and the highest quality. We still do.

Jørgen Jørgensen, CEO