Velkommen til naturen

To celebrate Norrøna's 90th anniversary, we are inviting eight Loyalty members on epic adventure, product testing and photo shoot in Jotunheimen! 

To learn more and participate, sign up/login to Norrøna's Loyalty program and click the Anniversary Crossing tab.

Applications are now closed.



27–30th of August, 2019

We'll meet up at the Norrøna office right outside Oslo for a house tour and lunch before we set course towards Vetti Gard. The route will take us from Vetti Gard Tourist Station to Turtagrø in Hurrungane, taking in some world-class mountain peaks along the way. Have you dreamed of climbing Store Skagastølstind, or savoring the view from Stølsnosi? Well, now is your chance.

A small and exclusive group of eight participants, accompanied by guides and a small Norrøna crew comprising ambassadors and photographers. We will split into two groups, based on ability level.  

Application deadline
11th of July, 2019