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When washing Norrøna microfiber clothing, the washing instructions attached to the garment must be checked, but are generally as follows. Wash at 40 degrees. Machine dry at a low temperature setting. Do not iron. No bleach. Can be dry-cleaned. 

Water repellency

By re-impregnating microfiber products, you receive the benefit of the products not picking up water or dirt as quickly as without water repellent finish. The products do not become waterproof, but it will take longer for water to penetrate the product. Re-impregnating will also make the garments more suitable for winter use. Two types of waterproofing are available for microfiber: 

1. Liquid water repellent finish 
2. Spray water repellent finish (find it here)

An uncertain factor with liquid water repellent finish is that it reduces the garment´s breathability because it also impregnates on the inside. Therefore, we recommend using spray-on treatment to ensure that the breathability stays intact. 

Spray water repellent finish is sprayed onto the dry and “newly-washed” garment. The water repellent finish should be allowed to sink in for 15-20 minutes. Excess water repellent finish is to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Dry the garment using warmth, e.g. tumble-drying. Spray products provide good water-resistance and are quick to use, but are not so easy to apply evenly over the garment. 

For liquid water repellent finish that is to be washed in by hand, it is important that the garment is clean before treatment. The liquid water repellent finish is mixed in a bucket, and the garment must be soaked for 30-40 minutes (turn once in a while). Rinse and dry the garment. Repeat the treatment. Dry the garment, preferably by machine dryer.