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Mountaineering for her

If she´s the kind of gal that prefers to spend her time vertically challenged, these are our favorite gifts for the mountaineering type.

Veste en Gore-Tex falketind (F)
Nouvelle couleur
Gilet duvet falketind (F)

down Vest (W)

$ 167,30

$ 239

falketind Pack 35L

Pack 35L

$ 199

Tour de cou en microfibres warm1 29
Nouvelle couleur
Haut à manches longues en laine falketind (F)

super wool Shirt (W)

$ 39,60

$ 99

All season favorites

With its functional, technical and lightweight products, our versatile falketind collection offers the perfect set-up for all seasons and any weather. Whether you prefer hiking, bouldering or summit climbs, this flexible collection will face any challenge nature throws at you.