Recycle all waste produced at Norrøna HQ by 2020 (Become a zero waste to land fill HQ)

The long-term intention is that all waste generated at the Norrøna HQ will be recycled.

This is a target we are still working on, but our ambition is to become a zero waste to landfill HQ. This means that all waste generated at our HQ should be recycled. Currently we are mapping what our options are, and based on this we will develop a plan for implementation. Currently we are recycling all paper waste from the HQ, and food waste is being delivered to compostation. All our electronic waste is delivered to return stations where reusable components or materials are taken out. We also deliver most of our plastic waste for recycling.

We are currently looking for a return solution for worn-out garments, but it is difficult to make it environmentally viable in Europe at the moment. We are also looking into options to encourage re-selling used garments, and we have always offered repair services to all our customers!

Challenges and restrictions:

  • We are dependent on the waste handling offered locally and regionally


  • Measure amount of waste generated in total, and compare to amount sent to recycling/reuse