Use of fabrics that can be verified by 3rd party (bluesign®, GOTS, Control Union, RDS, Oeko-tex® 100)

Norrøna wants to use fabrics that will meet high environmental and general welfare standards.

We want to do this because it will secure that no fabric we use contains substances that should not be in the fabric. We also want verify that the processes minimizes the effect on the environment. We want to ensure that all the fabrics  that are used in Norrøna products have 3rd party verification that will meet high environmental and general welfare standards.

We have had certain issues regarding verified certification. We are able to trace our wool down to the farms, and it is certified non-mulesed. The problem is that the certification bodies are owned by the wool industry, and hence it cannot be said to be verified by an independent 3rd party. Currently there is no acknowledged international standard for wool, but we have high hopes for the new Responsible Wool Standard being launched by Textile Exchange in 2016. This will provide us with a tool to source certified wool, where the certification is done by an independent 3rd party. That is why we expect the degree of certified fabrics to reduce slightly for 2016.

Another issue we faced was that we did not know how well we were covered by the bluesign® certification on our fabrics and trims. As we have not been members of bluesign® we have not been able to verify the bluesign® certification of our fabrics and trims. Norrøna became a member in 2016, and we have the necessary access to verify the certification of our bluesign® fabrics and trims.


  • Percentage of fabrics used where Norrøna has the ability to provide documentation on the fabric within 24 hours of request on normal working days. This documentation is currently provided by the suppliers.