% of Polyester fabrics being made with Recycled fibers

Norrøna wants to only use recycled polyester in our products.

We want to use recycled material in our polyester fabrics because it saves energy and reduce garbage we send to landfill.  Production of recycled PET (raw material to polyester fabric) uses 1/3 less energy than is needed to produce virgin PET.  Although plastic accounts for only 8% of the waste by weight, they occupy about 20% of the volume in a landfill due to their low bulk density. Due to close cooperation with our vendors we have been able to substitute virgin polyester with recycled polyester. By doing this we have been able to inrease to usage of recycled polyester dramatically in several high volume sellers, and thus we are hitting well above the set target.

Norrøna have implemented a new process for securing the level of recycled fibres in our products, and we expect to see the full effect of this process in 2017.

In 2016 39% of our our garments made with polyester was made using recycled polyester. This is a significant improvement, but we continue the work to reach 100% recycled polyester.


  • % of products made of polyester, with main fabrics containing more than 50% of recycled fiber in our active collection. This measurement presently is based on supplier information, but our goal is to have 100% third party verification