Percentage of production being produced in low season to reduce excessive overtime and facilitate living wages (Map the balance of current production)

Norrøna wants to map and move productions to ease the stress on suppliers and workers.

Norrøna maps the production from month to month at each factory. By doing this we are be able to see what months our manufacturers are producing the most products and in what months production is low. Based on this we can identify styles we can move production of, and this way we even out the pressure on the factory and its workers. This way we will be able to reduce the need for overtime in our production but still promote living wages since we are then able to move production in to the low season. The factories and workers will then also have a more predictable future. We have seen a decrease due to internal changes to our sales practices, but we intend to move more production out of peak season in the upcoming years. It is important to note that low season for our manufacturers equal approximately two months each year.

Norrøna has also implemented several initiatives to spread the production: We are allowing longer production times for certain products to alliviate pressure on the factory and its workers, and make it easier to plan production.We are placing production of high volume selling products earlier to make the production more predictable, and we have adjusted our manufacturing strategy to make it easier to balance production at each individual factory. In 2016 we managed to move 8% of our production out of peak season, and we are very happy with this.


  • Determine production volume by month per factory
  • Identify styles whose production can be moved to low season
  • Percentage of total production moved out of peak production period